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Advance Community Wellness
Advance Community
Advance Community Wellness
Advance Community Wellness

Facilitate individual and collective transformation, healing, and wellbeing.

• Cultivate wellbeing and community resilience through supportive interventions.
• Expand health and economic equity by addressing basic needs, prevention, care, and advocacy.
• Foster healing and connection through shared culture and engagement.

Wellness has many different facets. Our model is based on a holistic lens of wellness for the whole person and the whole family. We do this by meeting basic needs (safe housing, food, healthcare, and education), fostering healing and community, amplifying Latino voices and cultural richness, and celebrating the diversity within our communities.

We believe that it is essential to support building social capital, including formal and informal networks that can help them achieve their dreams and thrive. This is especially important for many of our participants, since people living in poverty often have fewer social supports and are less likely to have social connections that cross race, culture and economic status.

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Advance Community Leadership
Advance Community
Advance Community Leadership
Advance Community Leadership

Build, strengthen, and activate community influence, connections, and power to create social and systemic change.

• Invest in and advocate for the next generation of Latino leaders.
• Expand advocacy and community-driven systems change for racial and economic justice.
• Build new narratives and social capital by growing cultural assets and grassroots leadership.

We prioritize our policy and systems-change work on reducing racial disparities and advancing equity through accessibility and opportunity. We aim to foster equitable systems that help Latinos to thrive—not just survive. We are shifting narratives to uplift and strengthen Latino communities in urban and rural areas.

CLUES is leveraging its institutional leadership to support adult and young Latinos to lead, connect and make lasting change happen. Recognizing that policies have the power to further marginalize communities, we believe it is critical that those who are directly affected by policy have a voice and be engaged to catalyze change. We pair direct services with advocacy and leadership development so participants can address systemic barriers that impede progress for our community.

Advance Community Prosperity
Advance Community
Advance Community Prosperity
Advance Community Prosperity

Foster economic and racial equity by cultivating access to opportunities and growing institutional and individual assets owned by and for Latinos.

• Expand asset creation and protection to strengthen financial wellbeing.
• Generate sustainable wages through good jobs and advanced skills for youth and adults.
• Ensure access to and ownership of safe and affordable housing.
• Grow institutional capacity to advocate for public investment in asset-building.

We define socio-economic mobility as one’s ability to increase their finances and shift their social status throughout their lifetime. We strengthen socio-economic mobility by connecting individuals to tools and resources to better navigate complex financial systems and attain better wages and career ladders.

Asset building is key to building prosperity and advancing financial equity for Latinos. We advance asset building by improving economic conditions that foster better jobs/better wages, savings, earned income tax credits, affordable homeownership, citizenship, and education. We are committed to advancing our institutional capacity to increase Latino ownership, including housing, community centers, cultural enterprises, and micro and small businesses.

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Strengthen our Infrastructure
Strengthen our
Strengthen our Infrastructure
Strengthen our Infrastructure

We are committed to building our infrastructure and supporting our staff.

• Proactively structure programs for greatest transformational impact and integration
• Invest in staff capacity and development.
• Strengthen investments in organization-wide systems, infrastructure and capacity to increase efficiency, and financial sustainability.
• Expand flexible and unrestricted sources of funding.

Monday-Friday: 8:30am - 5pm
Saturday-Sunday: Closed 

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