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Emotional Support

CLUES offers a safe space where trained professionals can help you or a loved one improve your ability to face problems, build self-esteem and increase your overall sense of wellbeing.

CLUES offers a safe space where trained professionals can help you or a loved one improve your ability to face problems, build self-esteem and increase your overall sense of wellbeing.

Services are available in Spanish and English, and we accept most major insurances and offer a fixed rate for those who are uninsured.

Mental Health Therapy

Mental health therapy supports clients facing anxiety, stress, depression or other mental health needs to help them build coping skills and heal from emotional pain or struggles. Our mental health therapists help children, adolescents, adults, couples and families apply strategies and concepts developed in therapy to help them live happier, healthier lives.

To set up an intake appointment, contact Karina Franco, Mental Health Intake Specialist, or attend walk-in intake hours (see intake information below).


Psychiatry works with participants engaged in mental health therapy at CLUES to alleviate their symptoms through the use of medication, to heal from emotional pain or struggles and to improve emotional and behavioral functioning.  Our psychiatrist prescribes medications that can help reduce or alleviate mental health symptoms so that participants can better apply strategies and concepts developed in therapy to their lives.

Psychiatric care can address symptoms that may not be addressed in mental health therapy alone, or may help expedite the alleviation of mental health symptoms in combination with therapy. Our psychiatrist collaborates directly with our mental health therapists to coordinate care.

Immigration-Related Assessments

CLUES mental health therapists provide assessments for immigration-related cases including U-Visa applications, hardship applications and asylum applications. These assessments provide evidence of the mental health impact of these particular immigration situations and normally result in a letter of support for the client’s application.

CLUES can also provide assessment and documentation for the Medical Certification of Disability Exception, resulting in a N-648 form that exempts a person from having to take the U.S. Citizenship Exam in order to become a citizen. This exception is for individuals with problems related to concentration and memory resulting from of a number of factors such as cognitive issues, trauma/mental health symptoms, or lack of formal education/literacy.

CLUES is not able bill insurance for these evaluations. Please inquire at Mental Health Intake about the fee for these evaluations.

Education and Presentations on Behavioral Health Topics

CLUES mental health providers offer education and presentations on behavioral health topics with a focus on Latino and immigrant communities. Topics include presentations on trauma, resilience, cultural identity, mental health conditions, chemical health conditions, prevention of mental health/chemical health conditions, secondary/vicarious trauma and coping strategies, among other topics by request. Presentations are provided in English or Spanish, in person or via the internet.

These presentations raise awareness about the above-mentioned topics to help participants live healthier lives, or to help providers deliver more culturally responsive services. Contact CLUES to inquire about training and education.

"I first learned about CLUES from my lawyer. From there I began to access all the services that the organization has to offer. I used to think that therapy was just for people with psychological problems, but that’s not true. It heals people who need emotional support to move forward. I don't know what kind of world I would be in if it weren't for the support, examples and groups that CLUES provided me. I was scared for my first visit there, but it made me think and feel connected. Now I see my daughter's face, and I'm happy.” - Participant in CLUES mental health services

Intake and Referrals

Mental Health Intake can be contacted at:

612-746-3572 (phone)

651-292-0347 (fax)

Walk-in intake hours are not available due to Covid-19


To make a referral to CLUES Mental Health services, complete the Mental Health Referral form and Release of Information form.

Monday-Friday: 8:30am - 5pm
Saturday-Sunday: Closed 

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