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Jessica Pleguezuelos


This year, National Crime Victims’ Rights Week (NCVRW) is April 19 through 25. The week raises awareness for victims’ rights while honoring survivors of crime.

NCVRW also commemorates the advocates that have driven the survivors’ rights movement over the years. This year’s theme is “Seek Justice — Ensure Victims’ Rights — Inspire Hope.” Due to COVID-19, many planned in-person events have been canceled. However, to commemorate the week, CLUES will be hosting a Facebook Live presentation on Thursday, April 23 at 4:00 pm recognizing the survivors in our community. CLUES is determined to respond to crime and violence by helping survivors find not only support, recovery and justice, but also a sense of hope for their future.

A Victim’s Personal Story 

Verónica was shocked to find out that her youngest daughter, only 5 years old, had been sexually abused. She knew she had to report the crime to the police, but now what? Looking for more support, she came to CLUES and found the domestic violence and sexual assault advocacy program. Verónica was paired with an advocate to help her navigate the confusing criminal justice system. At first, she was skeptical – it seemed like nothing was happening with her daughter’s case while she was suffering at home. Her daughter was struggling with the trauma she experienced but was too young to fully put it into words, and Verónica just didn’t know how to help her. Her CLUES advocate helped her understand the criminal justice system, and that it moves slowly as they gather the needed proof and information for her daughter’s case. She was also referred to as specialized mental health therapy to help her daughter in her recovery. Verónica’s advocate invited her to attend a CLUES support group for victims of sexual abuse and caregivers of sexual abuse victims. Verónica decided to attend, even though she didn’t really know what to expect. She never missed a session. In the group, she learned about the dynamics of abuse and the effects of trauma and learned many coping skills she could put into practice at home with her family. As she got more involved in CLUES programs like the economic empowerment homebuyer’s course and parenting education programs, she expanded her supportive community. While she and her daughter continue to work to heal from what they experienced, she now has more hope for her family and specifically her daughter’s future.

If you are the victim of any violent or sexual assault crime, it is normal to feel frightened, helpless, and vulnerable. Remember: you are not alone. CLUES is here to help. Contact us by phone at 612-746-3534 or 612-746-3518.

Below is a special message from our domestic violence team – please watch and share!

Jessica Pleguezuelos

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